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We are pleased to service Northampton, MA businesses and organizations with professional web design, digital marketing, and local SEO services. Gemini Creative has a well-established base in Northampton. We're a digital marketing and website design agency interested in building relationships with clients in the Hampshire County area.

We’re located in Stockbridge, MA, about an hour west of Northampton. Like a lot of companies, we’ve had to conduct meetings with our laptops and phones instead of in-person like we’re used to. We found that meeting online has been very productive, and not surprisingly, more efficient. Particularly our client discovery sessions have been very productive online. We find it doesn’t matter if the client is in town or out of state, we are able to work together and let the client decide the way forward. We’re hoping you’ll consider working with us this way. And if you’d like to meet in person, Stockbridge isn't far from Northampton at all.

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The top 4 ways an SEO Company in Northampton, MA will help you get found

  1. Attract: Using organic SEO and local SEO, you will outrank competitors in Google search result pages and boost web traffic.
  2. Engage: A well designed website you will engage customers with content that extends your brand message, creating an engaging experience.
  3. Convert: Conversion optimization strategies will convert potential customers into solid leads. Simple web forms web forms, phone number placement, and an intentional visitor path through your site will all contribute to your success.
  4. Re-Engage: Using social media to retarget visitors to your website or your store, you will create second and third touchpoints where you can engage customers using value add content on Google and social media.

About Northampton, MA

We love Northampton as most people do. Especially people from the Berkshires, which wants to be Northampton, but cannot be. It’s not as populated as you might think - only 28,500. We love the art and music culture. Our web developer took dance lessons there before his wedding. That’s a true story. It’s liberal and that’s lovely. It’s populated with LBGTQ folks - another great reason to love it there.

Part of Hampshire County, Northampton used to be known as Norwottuk. Then an English settler named John King thought the town he came from had a better name, so he renamed it. Isn’t that something? Northampton went through a steep economic decline in the 60’s and 70’s. How it made a comeback as a cultural hub is a mystery. At least it is to Wikipedia.

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