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We're a Berkshire-based company and take pride in hiring local, talented professionals from the area. We help organizations in Berkshire County with professional branding, web design and digital marketing services including local SEO and WordPress development. Gemini Creative has a well-established base in Berkshire County. Our agency is located in Stockbridge. We're always interested in building relationships with clients in the Berkshire County area.

We've been offering our services in the Berkshires for 10 years from our office in Stockbridge from where we have built lasting relationships with Berkshire County businesses.

Berkshire County clients we've had the pleasure to work with in the past:

Our Work

A selection of businesses we've had the pleasure to create work with over the past 10 years from our office in the Berkshires.

Case Study

Ward’s NurseryGreat Barrington, MA

Ward’s is not only a beautiful and successful garden center. Their staff is a wealth of information about plants, soil, and gardening. Their new website is a learning center as well as a sales tool to keep customers coming back.

Case Study

CompuWorksPittsfield, MA

CompuWorks is a leader among its peers in the industry and was looking to break into new territory. They're well known in the Berkshires and they were looking for ways to reach new customers in Albany and the Pioneer Valley.

Case Study

Berkshire Theatre GroupPittsfield, MA

Berkshire Theatre Group initially approached us to see how we could improve their current website. Through discussions and creative thinking, we helped them determine a pain-point: distinguishing their theaters.

Website Design · Web Development

Kromaton Pittsfield, MA

Kromaton is a constantly innovating pioneer in Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (FCPC®) aiding in the extraction, separation, and purification of natural, biological, or synthetic molecules. If you understand what that means, then you will love this website!

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Website Design · Web Development

Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc. Pittsfield, MA

The mission of Elder Services of Berkshire County, Inc. is to provide Berkshire elders, caregivers, and individuals with disabilities the opportunity to live with dignity, independence, and self-determination, and to achieve the highest possible quality of life. We are proud to have ESBCI as our client.

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Logo · Website Design · SEO

Chris Battaini Roofing Pittsfield, MA

Glenn Geiger's home in Stockbridge needed a roof repair and he called Chris Battaini. Chris and his team did suach an amazing job, we would recommend them to anyone. A year later, Chirs contacted us to help him with his business. We happliy designed his new logo and website to get him noticed by customers acorss the Berkshires.

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Branding · Website · API Development

Pittsfield Community Television Pittsfield, MA

PCTV provides video content to the city of Pittsfield through Cablecast. Their new website uses the Cablecast API to deliver videos to the public at blazing fast speed. SEO best practices have taught Google where to index their content, and the design of the website is fun and easy to use.

Learn more about our work with the Cabelcast API.

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Website Strategy · Website Development

AMSG Dumfries, VA

The leadership changed at AMSG and their new CEO was looking to break from the old ways. Using our discovery process to learn everything we can about their goals now and in the future, we put together the strategy that became their new website and branding.

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Branding · Logo Design · Website

LoveLocalBRKs Pittsfield, MA

LoveLocalBRKs is a way for people who love the Berkshires to find the best local experiences. We worked with owner Liam Gorman to design an identity for the app that portrayed the fun and excitement of using it. Download and check it out!

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Branding · Website · SEO

17a-4 LLC Millbrook, NY

17a-4 is a software development and compliance company with offices in Millbrook, New York City, and Kansas City, MO. Through our discovery process we designed their branding, designed and developed their website, and greatly improved their website presence through strategic SEO.

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Website · SEO · Photography

Wyler Antiques Chappaqua, NY

The Wyler name is recognized internationally as a leading authority of antique English silver. Their new website allows them to create products and categories, and it is search engine optimized to be recognized by Google.

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Custom WordPress Development

Shaw Entertainment Group Great Barrington, MA

Abby Tovell from T Square Design Studio designed this beautiful website and handed the client over to us to develop the pieces of the puzzle. Shaw Entertainment Group can now control the content of the website and how it is organized, all through custom WordPress development.

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Website Design · Development

County Ambulance Pittsfield, MA

We're proud to work with County Ambulance who has been providing our community with exceptional EMS services since 1983. Brian Andrews worked with Gemini Creative to design and develop their new website from start to finish.

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Discovery · SEO · Web Design · Development

Intermountain Plant Works Salt Lake City, UT

This interior landscape company wanted to change their brand. Their business model is less residential and more corporate. We introduced textures of concrete and glass with images of their beautiful tropical plants.

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Website Design · Development

Julie W. McCarthy Stockbridge, MA

Our friend and neighbor, Julie McCarthy has been capturing the room in her striking photography for years. We worked with her to create website that gets out of the way of her work, and let's the viewer in.

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Discovery · Website Development

Great Barrington Libraries Great Barrington, MA

We were very excited to work on the Great Barrington Libraries new website. Beautifully designed by Abby Tovell and developed by Glenn Geiger, we started by asking the library team about their patrons and created a profile for every type.

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Discovery · Website Design · Custom Development

Stockbridge Library
Museum & Archives Stockbridge, MA

The Stockbridge Library Museum & Archives contacted us to build their new website and we were delighted to create something special for our hometown library. Being part of this community means a lot to us, and we couldn't be more proud.

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Discovery · Website Design · Online Payment

Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment Washington, DC

The goal of this organization to to bring the top elected city officials and business leaders together to highlight housing issues in their communities. We developed a website to show which mayors and businesses share these values on homelessness and affordable housing for all.

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Discovery · Website Design · Online Payment

Ormond Gigli Photography Pittsfield, MA

Ormond Gigli's photographs have been displayed in fine art galleries across the world. We had the honor of working directly with Ormond, his wife, and their son, Ogden. We wanted to show his photos in great detail and allow visitors to order prints and a signed copy of his book.

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The 4 top ways an SEO Company in Berkshire County, MA will help you get found

  1. Attract: Using organic SEO and local SEO in the Berkshire County area, you will outrank competitors in Google search result pages and boost web traffic.
  2. Engage: A well designed website you will engage customers with content that extends your brand message, creating an engaging experience.
  3. Convert: Conversion optimization strategies will convert potential customers into solid leads. Simple web forms web forms, phone number placement, a Berkshire County, MA address and 01230 zip code, and an intentional visitor path through your site will all contribute to your success.
  4. Re-Engage: Using social media to retarget visitors to your website or your store, you will create second and third touchpoints where you can engage customers using value add content on Google and social media.

About Berkshire County, MA

We moved to the Berkshires in 2009. We drove south down Route 7 from Vermont for the first time and when we passed through GB, we had to pull over. From the window of our car, we could see small businesses on Main Street, the Berkshire Co-Op, a local bank, everything we were looking for. We met a nice couple right away, and we went to Club Helsinki that night and had a great time. Two years later we moved to Berkshire County into an apartment on the Housatonic River. Two years after that we purchased our home in Stockbridge and now we're raising our twin girls.

Like most towns in New England, Berkshire County was named after a place in England - the village of the Berkshire County in Gloucestershire. Thanks to the railroad Berkshire County became a resort destination for people looking to get away from the cities, and so the Berkshire Cottages were built, almost in competition with each other in scale and beauty.

In doing a little research for this page, I learned about William Stanley, Jr., a resident in Berkshire County, who developed a demonstration of alternating current (AC) to prove it was an improvement to the DC system invented by Thomas Edison. He strung power lines from tree to tree, over 4,000 ft., and powered 23 businesses along Main Street. There's an excellent story in the Berkshire Eagle about all of this. If you like history it's worth a read.

Berkshire County Resources:

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