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We write code in-house, and we’ve been successfully helping businesses with their website and office applications around Berkshire County.


A friend once advised us to stop paying a third-party to code the hard stuff: JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and so on. Instead, get a book and learn it. Today, we would give that advice to any web developer looking to grow. Gemini Creative’s abilities come from experience. And we’re a little embarrassed to admit being nerds, but we love writing code. It’s actually super fun. And we dream about it. Ok, enough sharing.

We develop WordPress themes from scratch. That means we take a completed design and recreate that as code WordPress can use so that you can edit your website. WordPress is a great tool for building a website from a design. It allows us to use a database to handle the content while we write the code that displays that content. A handmade custom WordPress website is much more applicable to our clients’ needs. There’s really no better way to do it.


You know those repetitive tasks you do around the office? You might have the feeling that process could be made easier and more accurate - we’re willing to bet you’re right. We’ve developed web applications that handle keeping track of accounts, products, services, and customers. Whole processes that you might be doing on paper and filing into folders can be recreated using a web app and a database. A web app is like an app on your phone, but it’s available to anyone on any device because is loads on a web browser. We’d love to talk about your process, advise you if a custom web application would make sense for your business, and make daily processes easier - actually better.

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Marianne Sullivan

“From day one of working with Gemini Creative, I have been nothing but impressed with their knowledge and approach to projects. From our website design and development to our custom database, in-office application, and on-site web applications, Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers is now one of the top auction companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.”

“Above and beyond the exceptional work performed by this team, they deliver when promised. When it comes to round table discussions and brainstorming about continuously streamlining our process, Gemini Creative is our digital marketing agency to go to. Glenn Geiger’s manner in business is truly notable, he is highly responsive, and is a joy to work with.”

Marianne Sullivan President
Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC
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