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We write code in-house, and we’ve been successfully helping businesses around Berkshire County with website and custom CMS development.

Website Development

There are website designers and there are developers. The website designer works with the client to come up with ways to engage their customer through design. The web developer takes the design and writes the code that turns the design into a live, dynamic website.

There are services like Squarespace and WordPress visiual editor plugins that remove the need to write custom code. A web developer can create custom blocks, animations, and database connections that visual editors can't.

Gemini Creative writes custom code in-house. We work with our own designers and others to build and launch websites. We work specifically with WordPress as a platform to build anything the designer or the client needs.

Custom calendar and event development in WordPress

We developed a WordPress event and exhibit piece for Berkshire Museum that puts everything in the same place.

Custom CMS and Database Design

A custom CMS (content management system) is needed when you want to store your data in a database and create reports or allow the public to use the data on a website. A custom CMS will allow you to create, read, update, and delete your data as needed, giving you control and making data management simpler.

If you're used to working with spreadsheets and you're wondering if there's a better way, a custom CMS might be a good fit. We've also helped a client move their Microsoft Access database to a new custom built CMS that provided a flexible, sustainable solution that they'll be using for years to come.

We start by understanding how you're currently keeping track of your data, and talk about any limitations or ideas you have. If a custom CMS is the way to go, we'll review all of your data and design a database that will be its new home. We can convert your existing data into the new database, and then get to work on a CMS that you can access form a web browser. We build a secure login system, user accounts you can manage, and full access to update and save your data the way you want to.

Custom CMS developed by Gemini Creative

A custom CMS and accompanying database developed for BRPC as part of the Berkshires Outside website project.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for websites. It provides a simple way to add, edit, and remove content on that website. It is not WordPress.com, which is an online service for free websites. A website developer installs a copy of WordPress on a webserver. They create a blank database, connect it to WordPress, and you have a WordPress website. But what can we do with it? That's the fun part (for code nerds). We can do anything.


We like WordPress as a development platform because there's nothing to it. It simply waits for us to tell it what to do. We don't need to use a theme found online. We can develop a custom theme based on a design of your beautiful new website-to-be. We use WordPress to allow our clients to update content. They can add new pages, and then add new sections to that page. If we code it, they can do whatever they need.

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Marianne Sullivan

“From day one of working with Gemini Creative, I have been nothing but impressed with their knowledge and approach to projects. From our website design and development to our custom database, in-office application, and on-site web applications, Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers is now one of the top auction companies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.”

“Above and beyond the exceptional work performed by this team, they deliver when promised. When it comes to round table discussions and brainstorming about continuously streamlining our process, Gemini Creative is our digital marketing agency to go to. Glenn Geiger’s manner in business is truly notable, he is highly responsive, and is a joy to work with.”

Marianne Sullivan President
Sullivan & Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC
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