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We can help you display Cablecast video results on your website using their API

The Cablecast API is like a database we can talk to. We can ask it a question and it will return results. What we do with those results is up to you. Once we have the data we can display it on your website in a way that fits your website’s look and feel. If you’re looking to redesign your website, we’ll make sure the video data we retrieve works perfectly with your new design.

Here are a few things we can do with the Cablecast API:

  • Search the video archive
  • Request saved searches or galleries
  • Display a LIVE TV feed
  • Display the program schedule for TV channels
  • Show the video agenda link to PDF
  • Request program chapter markers

We use a combination of the WordPress backend, the theme template, and custom PHP and Javascript to make requests to the Cablecast API. The response is structured in JSON format, which can be read by our Javascript and then displayed on your website. That was not very fun to read, we know! But we don’t expect our clients to work with the API themselves. Our goal is to understand what it is you’d like the API to help you do, and see if that is something we can assist you with.


How we helped Pittsfield Community TV

Pittsfield Community TV (PCTV) called to ask us what it would take to design a new website. Our process always begins with client discovery. Once we understood what the website was meant to accomplish, we looked into delivering all video content using the Cabelcast API. This opened a world of possibilities for us, so we worked closely with PCTV staff to design a series of pages that could allow the visitor to browse video content.

Based on the capabilities of the API, we were able to add functionality to the website. We are now able to search their video archive and display results. We can display saved searches or galleries created by the staff. We can use the WordPress backend to put together a category system and then request galleries for each category. We can also display LIVE TV and TV Schedules for different channels.

If you're interested in learning more about the Cablecast API and how it could be leveraged to display video content on your website, we invite you to give us a call at (413) 854-4599.

Case Study

CompuWorksPittsfield, MA

CompuWorks is a leader among its peers in the industry and was looking to break into new territory. They're well known in the Berkshires and they were looking for ways to reach new customers in Albany and the Pioneer Valley.

Alan Bauman

“As a founding partner of a 30-year-old managed IT services firm, I often have the need to recommend experts outside of our core competencies. Gemini Creative is one of a very small number of trusted partners whom we never hesitate to recommend to one of our clients. They have both the design sense and the technical skills that are difficult to find under one roof.”

“Their websites look great and communicate clearly. And when there is a need for a web application to simplify and improve office tasks, they have the experience and capabilities to pull it all together. This team consistently delivers top-notch results and they do it affordably.”

Alan Bauman Founding Partner
CompuWorks, Ltd.
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