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Discovery is a process that allows us to give you a creative strategy. Work with us to discover your story.

When we bring a client through a discovery process we learn something of great value. It’s much easier to deliver what they need when we understand them completely. Sure, it seems obvious now, but we didn’t always do this. Today we won’t do without it. Through discovery and research, we design logos and websites with confidence because we build on solid ground.

There are different phases of this process:

  • Vision, Mission & Purpose
  • Brand Attributes
  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Awareness
  • Company Goals

Discovery is never the same. Your discovery process will match your needs. If you’d like to rebrand your business, we’ll need to create a brand strategy for creative work to follow. We want to look at what you’re offering and what your customers are looking for. The agenda is specific to each client. We've put together a couple of case studies to help illustrate the results of this process.

When you ask a website design company to redesign your website, or a graphic designer to create your logo, how will they deliver something of value? Without having a meaningful conversation first, what will they deliver?

What if there was a process of asking questions and applying the answers? When you work with us, we ask that you start with discovery. The result is the value you hoped for.

You can expect us to ask prying questions and then listen to your answers. If you like what your reading, give us a call. We look forward to working with a client like you.

Please read our blog post about how Discovery leads to Strategy, which leads to Branding to know more about how important our process is to us.

How rebranding works

For branding to be successful it should come from a place of meaning - it should come from you. This is why we recommend brand strategy. Developing your brand will involve a deep discovery process that is specific to knowing your organization.

The outcome of brand strategy is a roadmap for creative work to follow. It is derived from our strategy sessions and our research, and it will set the tone for all brand materials, both inside and outside your company.

About brand strategy

Brand strategy is a series of meetings with stakeholders, each one facilitated and purposeful. We uncover insights about your business and the value you offer. We identify who your customers are, and understand the position of your company in the community. We do our own research and deliver a roadmap - the clear path to creative work.

Mission, Vision & Goals

In this session, we aim to identify the foundation of the company. What do you want, how do you see yourself, and why is it important to you? We want to hear from everyone who wants to see the business succeed.

Brand Personality

We find the Left words, images, and ways to describe the brand as clearly as if it were a person we could talk to. We want to know the brand values, the culture around it, what it feels is important, how the brand looks, acts, and talks.

Target Audience

Here we’ll define the different types of people you want to attract. We want to know where to find them, how to talk to them, the problems they are facing, and the reasons why they choose you. We’ll research your audience’s needs and review our findings.

Gap Analysis

We’ll discuss how you perceive the brand and how the community perceives it. We will research other cultural institutions in the Berkshires and in the country, and discover ways to bridge the gap between the brand and the customer.

The Roadmap

The roadmap is your strategy for producing creative work. This document will be used for all marketing and design projects, to guide all internal and external communications and ensure they are consistent, on brand, and on message.

About Logo Design & Branding

Case Study

CompuWorksPittsfield, MA

CompuWorks is a leader among its peers in the industry and was looking to break into new territory. They're well known in the Berkshires and they were looking for ways to reach new customers in Albany and the Pioneer Valley.

Kimberley Bush Tomio

“Berkshire Museum was delighted to work with Gemini Creative on its new branding and website project. The engagement with our team was productive. We discovered ways to refresh the museum’s visible presence online and in our printed materials, along with new branded merchandise for the gift shop.”

“As a team, Gemini was imaginative, surprising, and patient. We are very pleased with the results and have received many compliments on our new look!”

Kimberley Bush Tomio Executive Director at Berkshire Museum
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