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Discovery leads to great things. Going through this process allows us to put together a marketing strategy that works.

When we started requiring our clients to go through a discovery process we learned something of great value. It’s much easier to build products our clients love and their customers want. It seems obvious now, but we didn’t always do this. Today we won’t do without it. Through discovery, we design logos and build websites with confidence because the foundation is sound.

There are different phases of this process:

  • Brand Attributes
  • Customer Profiles
  • Business Goals
  • Digital Marketing Strategy

Your discovery process will match your needs. If you’d like to rebrand your business, we’ll need to dig deep and uncover all we can. If you're looking to redesign your website, we’ll need to look at what you’re offering and what your customers are looking for. It’s really specific to your needs. We've put together a couple of case studies to help illustrate the results of this process.

If you ask a website design company to redesign your website, or a graphic designer to create your logo, how are they going to deliver the thing you need? Are they mind readers? It requires a process of asking questions and looking closely at the answers. This is why we ask clients to start with discovery: the result is the thing they hoped for.

This is what you can expect from us: A commitment to your business through inquiry and a level of understanding through listening. If you like what your reading, give us a call.

We're ready to get to work.

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Kayleigh Meloni

“Working with Gemini Creative was a valuable experience. Our previous logo and website made us look like a business stuck in time, and they worked with us to find a brand that brings us to today’s industry standard. They also built us an exceptional website. We are grateful for their dedication to our company and our brand.”

Kayleigh Meloni Sales Manager & Applications Engineer
Starbase Technologies, Inc.
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