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This is our favorite thing to do. Websites can do many things, and we use the freedom of design to engage with your customers. Wanna make a website together?

We work with local clients in the Berkshires. We’re grateful to be able to live and work here. When a new client comes our way we’re given another opportunity to learn about a market we haven’t seen up close, and get to know how that team runs a business successfully.

If your presence online needs some attention, there’s a lot for us to talk about. We start with our discovery process to understand two massive components. First, we dive into your business - how you see yourselves, and how you’re viewed by others. Second, we focus on your customers - what they think they want, and what you think they need.

Discovery leads to visual concepts which produce a purposeful website design, and quite honestly, everyone gets pretty excited! From here we work on content creation, including copywriting, photography, research-driven SEO, and website design.

Our clients praise our work, our way of doing business, and our service. A few of them generously extended their compliments to use on our website. We handle complicated business tasks professionally and creatively. Our in-house designers deliver exceptional work, and we take pride in a job well done. If you like what we have to say, let’s see if we’re a good fit for your project.

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Berkshire Theatre Group

Case Study: Berkshire Theatre Group initially approached us to see how we could improve their current website. Through discussion and creative thinking, we helped them determine a pain-point: distinguishing their theaters.

Becky Brighenti

“The team at Gemini Creative was amazing to work with on our website redesign. We are a year-round theatre company, constantly pulled in different directions, and they were integral in keeping us focused on completing the website on time.”

“They had a remarkable ability to look at our website from a patron’s perspective which was incredibly helpful. It was not always easy, but so necessary. They are skilled in design, layout, code, and troubleshooting. Glenn is naturally curious and always tried to find a way to make our requests work within the project scope.”

“Gemini Creative stayed with us through the launch and they still are. In short, hire these guys - you will have a great partner for your web project and beyond.”

Becky Brighenti Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Berkshire Theatre Group
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