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What happened to Geiger Computers?
We changed our name, and few other things.

Gemini Creative was formerly Geiger Computers. If you're looking for Geiger Computers, we're proud to say that we've changed our business name, and we think it's for the better.

We've been meaning to do this for a long time and we learned that changing our business name would be hard to do, so we procrastinated as long as possible. One day we learned that we didn't get the bid for a project because our name didn't sound like the services we offered. That's harsh, but fair.

Back in 2005, Glenn Geiger was fixing computers and training folks to use Windows XP. He worked in the world of computer viruses and hardware drivers. When we changed our business model to website design and development, the old name wasn't working anymore.

Today we're a full-service website design and digital marketing agency. We hope you like the new name, and we hope you'll continue to work with us!

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